It’s not a secret, that brushes for various software are of particular interest for our team. We keep supporting our passion by working on new brush series and sharing other creators’ works as freebies. To be a creator means to be in constant search of ideas, inspiration and resources. And while ideas and inspiration are quite fleeting and personal (so we aren’t sure our tips will suit everyone), resources are the thing we can definitely help you with. And today, we’re going to equip you with our favorite Procreate brushes to ease the drawing process to the maximum. It’s not a secret, that brushes for various software are of particular interest for our team. Memento, Da Vinci and Artista collections — and we’re not going to stop. We keep supporting our passion by working on new brush series and sharing other creators’ works as freebies. Along with crafting brushes, we’ve also gathered a significant collection of professional-quality resources, that we use in our work, including the demanded Procreate brush kits. So we decided it would be great to share our picks — over eighty kits, can you imagine that? Meet the talented indie designers, along with your best creative friends, Guerillacraft, Creative Veila, True Grit Supply, MiksKS, and have their best Procreate brushes in your toolbox. Top Pick: Memento Shader Brushes Keeping up with Procreate conquering the graphic design world, our team couldn’t afford to stay out of it. The well-known Memento set of 35 brushes and 12 textures is now for iPad and iPad Pro users! As our nice little tradition, we’ve added a new tool in this very exclusive edition — the scatter brush! Markers Procreate Brushes These exclusive 15 Procreate graffiti brushes with realistic marker textures were made to let you stay armed at all points whenever the creative illumination strikes you. All the brushes have their streamline versions inside the brush set + bonus spray brush for more diversity. Smudge Procreate Brushes Set The set of 18 smudging and blending brushes is penetrated with mystery and blurred outlines. Add main values, then highlight them and concentrate attention on details with sharp paints. All effects and textures can be generated easily. Eclectica Stipple Brushes We invite you to design your first artwork with 27 brushes, all filled with a nostalgic vibe. There are 9 brush types, each of them is available in three styles: stroke, stipple, and shader brushes, all imbued with retro eclectics. Texture Procreate Brushes This small but very handy package consists of 12 free Procreate brushes to make fabulous illustrations with tangible texture. Children’s book illustrations, character design, cute and stylish landscapes — they will cope with any type of work! Grain Procreate Brushes There should definitely come to a new era of design someday. We’ve decided to expedite it and bring you 12 gorgeously-looking Procreate texture brushes. Indeed, time and technology zips along, and checking something out-of-commonness is your duty, and these free brushes are the right thing to start! Pencil Procreate Brushes Keeping in mind that every art starts with a sketch, we thought you might use some collection of pencils. Made to look as authentic as possible, the kit features 50 Procreate pencil brushes: simple strokes alongside with hatching and stippling styles. Galactic Lens Procreate Brushes These brushes meticulously bring to life the images of weird alien creatures and enigmatic space corners, turning into an irreplaceable tool if you’re after some space or sci-fi digital art. Most of them are stamp brushes, yet others can be used as regular ones. 3D Letters Procreate Brushes The kit features all you need to create realistic 3D Procreate lettering. It includes 10 brushes: monoline, shading, highlight, pattern, and texture brushes. In addition, you’ll find ready-to-use backgrounds, alphabets for reference, and creative color palettes to use in your designs. Marvelous Vintage Comics Bundle Everyone falls head over hills in love with comics and stories about incredible DC and Marvel heroes. What can be a better way to commemorate them then apply the retro comic style to your work? Get ready to experience the endless flow of appreciation with all these text effects, frames, strip templates, and of course, Procreate comic brushes! Calligraphy Procreate Brushes Find 46 Procreate calligraphy brushes inside this huge kit, specifically designed to perform realistic strokes, simulating numerous professional lettering tools. Intrigued? So pick up your Apple Pencil and let’s bring something fabulously beautiful to life! Stamp PS And Procreate Brushes Procreate brushes are such an essential tool, so you literally can’t get enough of them! This pack brings 57 watercolor stamp brushes in two styles for Photoshop and Procreate. Created from real watercolor paintings, they radiate the passion of fine craftsmanship. Hand Drawn Brushes They’re special because each and every of them is so unique: 20 Procreate painting brushes in all the unimaginable forms and textures. You can make your image look soft and spongy or turn to the more strict lining or sketching. Textile Factory Procreate Brushes Grid, wizards cape, sphere, stripes, circles, waves: 15 free Procreate brushes in total are here to turn any idea into a fresh concept. Your illustrations, logo designs, printouts, commercials, and banners will be awarded such highly-detailed textile effect. Rake Procreate Brushes This set includes 20 rake brushes for Procreate. You will find a variety of different styles: textured, wet paint mix, standard, light, etc. These brushes are good for shading, adding texture to your sketches & drawings and creating a crosshatching effect. Vintage Comic Procreate Brushes Lines, dots, tiny squares, and inky scratсhes — there are so many types of Procreate comic brushes, that you can combine together while looking for the most suitable composition. So get armed with your favorite illustrations and upgrade them in a couple of minutes. Chalk Lettering Procreate Brushes Keep in mind that you get not only the brushes but also themed elements, alphabet, and 6 chalkboard textures there will be no reasons to say you’re not fully packed! Altogether, they fulfill all the needs from illustration to creating logotype designs or signing the photo shots. Graphic Beats Procreate Brushes Graphic Beats is a massive pack of Procreate stamp brushes. Drop creative strokes, speech bubbles, swooshes, splashes and other high-resolution drawings and paintings with a single touch of Apple Pencil. Artista Procreate Brushes Show everyone what a talented artist you are with this very special set. It will ensure the complete freedom of art: you can draw in any chosen style! There are spray, stroke, pencil, sketch and texture brushes to use! Procreate Calligraphy Brush This Procreate lineart brush is like a magic wand for creating a beautiful script and signature inscriptions. As a nice little gift in the package, you can find the lettering stamps to play with. You can make a great number of diverse projects only with this calligraphy brush. Liner Procreate Brushes So the set has 22 free Procreate brushes, and every single one of them is special. Combine them in one illustration to see how they work together for the composition of your dreams! The Liner will be super handy for lettering as well. Chalk Procreate Brushes This set is everything you need to start creating realistic chalkboard drawings & lettering by using iPad Pro! A product contains 50 amazing brushes, which will help you achieve realistic looking chalk effect, and make perfect chalk lettering composition. Shader Procreate Brushes The set of 12 free Procreate brushes to get you wholly packed with brush variants. Each of them has its special nature, allowing to make a shadow, rough edges or noisy elements of your image. The worn effect achievable with them, looks realistic with a little bit of vintage. Realistic Procreate Watercolor Kit Watercolor illustration and painting has never been so easy and so realistic! You don’t need to customize anything, everything is already done. Just open the file on your iPad and start painting. Only 7 Procreate watercolor brushes will help you make realistic paintings. Free Comic Ink Brush Set Complete your toolbox with custom-made Procreate inking brushes with more than 16 free pieces. It’s dedicated to the Will Elder, an American illustrator and comic book artist. He worked in numerous areas of commercial art but is best known for a zany cartoon style. Free Procreate Brushes Are you tempted by the mesmerizing handwriting, as well as drawing on your iPad? Well, here is the good news: we’ve found the Procreate brush pack to unite these two passions of yours! It’s suitable for lettering artists, calligraphers and type designers. Rusty Nib Inkers Draw till you’re dead with over 130 pro-quality distressed Procreate inking brushes, from rough and gritty to smooth and delicate and everything between. Each brush is built from scratch using original analog brush samples to create a diverse and powerful set of tools. Free Procreate Custom Brush Set Check out this great set of 2 free Procreate brushes. They have a beautiful authentic look and are lots of fun to work with. You can get even rid of physical tools and come up with marvelous drawings and lettering on your iPad. FLORA: Vegetation Brushes Meet FLORA, custom tree brushes! You’ll find assembled over 90 brushes that help you express mass, tone, texture in nature. Tuned for the iPad and Apple Pencil, they’re perfect for illustrators, concept artists, designers, architects–just about any artist wanting to lay down some verdant growth. Stipple Studio for Procreate Built with the demands of pro-illustrators and tattoo artists in mind, Stipple Studio combines the humanist warmth of analog stippling with the efficiency of your digital workflow to create 40 brushes that look and feel legit without sacrificing craft or quality. Gritcore Brushes Build your illustration gradually with wonderful pressure-sensitivity! You have full control over texturing. Gritcore contains powerful tools for texturing and drawing. Strokes with nice rough edges will add a touch of unsteady prints to your images. Gritcore Brushes Grab these free Procreate brushes and leave a marker signature wherever you like! Sign your social media headings, newsletter or book covers, posters, collages, social media posts, printed products — anything that needs to have this sketchy minimalist touch, just do it! Flower Touch Procreate Brushes Meet this joyful set of over 160 pattern floral brushes spreading the stream of leaves and flowers from under your Apple Pencil! They work well for drawing lines, closed shapes and all kinds of creative stuff. 18 Free Procreate Brushes Pastel, pen, crayon, spray, watercolor, pencil and a great variety of many other materials — the most talented artists of all times couldn’t even think of having these crafting elements concentrated in one brush. But you can, and this versatile Procreate brush pack is here for it! Arctic Dry Brushes These brushes will be your n. 1 to create visually attractive and rich drawings! They are based on collection of well-done textures and precisely made brush tips. No matter what direction your brush stroke goes, it behaves the same way, so you have total control over every stroke! Amazing Alcohol Ink This is a set of 46 carefully crafted brushes that allow you to create realistic alcohol ink artwork right on your iPad. Best of all, is it blissfully uncomplicated and 100% customizable. Textured Brushes for Procreate and Photoshop With a huge range of stroke styles, this set of Procreate texture brushes is as realistic as it is diverse. We’ve got you covered whether you’re pursuing the gritty aesthetic or aiming for the subtle and merry drawings imitating real crayon and chalk. Free Grainy Creamy Brushes Think of these free Procreate brushes as oil ones with a bit of grit & grain in them. You can easily scale them up, as that size makes the texture and opacity effects most visible. They are perfect for some abstract artwork with attention to the texture. Powerful Watercolor Kit This set includes everything you need for digital watercolors! You can obtain a very realistic effect with 4 different layered templates and brushes collection. All brushes perfectly work together and will give you many opportunities to create something awesome. Texture Brushes for Procreate Planning on creating some project rich with textures variety? This set of high-quality texturizers has anything you need! With their help, you can easily obtain a grunge look and add a bit of marble aesthetic with no fuss. Oil Paint Brushes Oil Paint is a free legacy collection of 5 Procreate oil brushes for iPad, made to look free like real oil paint. They were drawn with high-quality Winsor Newton oil paints on canvas primed with gesso, which allows you to create ultra-realistic oil painting in digital, too! Crayon — Procreate Brush Pack Awake the child within and start messing around with this amusing set of 15 brushes! They are designed to bring back those hours of fun exploring weird creatures, fantastic worlds and brave heroes from your childhood. Procreate Hatch Brushes Guess we may say for sure that with these free brushes, you’re completely packed with all possible hatch brush variants. Now you can go on creating illustrating posters, flyers, commercials, branding projects, and stationery without any design app restraints! Free Brushes for Procreate Explore all of 16 brushes for adding special effects to artwork. You can use them for backgrounds and flatting. Or work on stunning editorials, commercial images, social media posts, banners, and get rid of the thoughts about lack of tools. Pencil & Charcoal Procreate Brushes A set of 14 handmade charcoal and pencil brushes to give a traditional media look to your drawings! The set includes charcoal brushes for shading), and different pencil brushes that can be used for sketching. Wonderful Pencils for Procreate This Procreate brush set contains various kinds of pencils based on a rich library of high definition seamless textures. You can draw with classic pencils of different hardness, but you can also obtain striking effects like smudged lines or offset trace. Woodland Wonderland The Woodland Wonderland Brush Pack is inspired by the illustrations from the Golden Books. The pack includes 31 unique brushes, including gouache, pens, pencils, and a Conte. Plus, you get some unconventional brushes like Wax Rollers. Texture Brushes for Procreate This set is made with love and a drop of magic. Inside there is a lot of drag and drop textures and effects. To paint with such brushes is a great pleasure! Download them and enjoy each drawing. Ballpoint Pen Meet this free ballpoint pen brush for Procreate! It behaves like a real pen to build up to your darks with pen pressure and hatching. To get the most realistic results, use the brush at smaller sizes, like a real pen tip. Free Procreate Glitter Brushes The effect of glitter gloss can be recreated if you’re armed with the right tools for it. With this toolset, you can now create stunning portraits that glow and sparkle even brighter than photography. Fine Liner Ink Procreate Brushes This set of Procreate inking brushes was created from different fine liner pens, often used for monoline sketches, detailed work, and illustrated shading. It includes liner-style, flexible tip and stipple brushes. Sugar and Spice Procreate Brushes This set contains 20 free brushes. Lettering brushes are for hand lettering and creating smooth lines. Monoliners are for illustrating and lining your lettering work. And thick liners will work well for lettering and filling larger surfaces. Gouache Pro Set Package for simulating gouache painting. The maximum similarity to real materials. The pack includes 21 brushes for Procreate and 2 classic paper textures. All layers are neatly organized for your convenience. Bristle Brush Linen This freebie is a natural bristle brush for Procreate based on linen canvas, which creates the most realistic look for your paintings. The brush uses Procreate’s “wet blending” options, so the paint pushes and blends like the real deal. Acrylic Brush When was the last time you drew with gouache or acryl? If you can spot only student years, these Procreate painting brushes will show you all the magic of these materials used as means of drawing. Risograph for Procreate The set of Procreate texture brushes makes it easy to get a Riso effect. As a bonus, find included four paper texturizers to boost the realism of your Procreate Riso. There are also five extra brushes for creating your initial design. Free Procreate Brushes Get 7 super handy and versatile brush kits! These free Procreate brushes vary in style making the pack so handy — you can draw literally anything with their help. Add some realism, grunge vibe or exotic touches to your paintings and lettering artworks. Wet Media Brushes Wet Media was designed to reproduce the behavior of a real wet brush as realistically as possible. It allows professional painters and amateurs to ease the transition from real to virtual painting. Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes The set includes a collection of 4-high resolution vintage paper textures, a PDF Brush Guide, and all sorts of Procreate inking brushes: pencils, modern and vintage inkers, tech pens, and more. Free Hair Brushes Keep up with the trend by getting these realistic and cute hair brushes for your toolbox. They will make drawing portraits as exciting and captivating as never before, and you’re gonna enjoy the process even if you hated it back at art school. Texturizer Pro — Procreate Brushes Texturizer Pro is crafted to recreate a wide range of real-life textures and give an extra dimension to your drawing. It is a great companion if you feel that your artwork looks too clean and want to give a more edgy feel to it. Free Stippling Brush Set As you keep conquering the graphic design world, we can’t help to stay out of it. So let us show you this outstanding set of 17 free Procreate brushes, which includes 9 stipple, 3 liner, and 5 texture brushes. Lights Procreate Brushes This set includes a nice variety of tools, with a total of 27 brushes to choose from. The light effect is “built-in”, which means you just have to select a bright color and start painting. Cheap Fine-Liner Brush for Procreate App Meet a simple emulation of a 0.6 Technical Pen. Draw realistic sketches on your iPad and combine it with Procreate watercolor brushes to create more complex and breathtaking pieces. Tip: the brush works better with high-resolution documents. Delicious Texture Procreate Brushes Hands up if you’ve ever bought a brush pack and spent hours trying to figure out what each brush does and how it can benefit your work? No need to guess with this pack! Lisa Glanz has created a 12-page Reference Guide you can refer to. Procreate App Brushes Add beautiful eye-catching accents to win hearts or tiny details to polish your project and overcome yourself as a professional. It’s all possible with these Procreate painting brushes made to simulate realistic acryl artworks. Watercolor Pro Set The package includes 30 brushes and 6 classic watercolor paper textures. All layers are neatly organized for your convenience. For details on using the Watercolor Pro Set, see the tutorial video Basic Brush Set for Procreate Here comes a basic set of free Procreate brushes to help you a bit in your creative wanderings. So be sure to try them out and adapt to your workflow. The artwork from the preview image was created entirely with these three brushes! Free Art & Illustration Brushes A set of 14 totally free brushes for Procreate. Designed as a compact illustration set for quickly bashing out visual ideas. You are free to use them in any of your personal or commercial work without obligation. Halftone Brushes for Procreate These aren’t your standard point-and-click ‘stamp’ style brushes. Beat Tones are 100% seamless and can be painted-in just like a digital acrylic, gouache or oil brush with complete control over stroke weight and color. Jingsketch Procreate Brushes Bring your ideas to life with Basic 10 — a versatile set of 10 essential brushes. It took years to develop a set that felt natural and effortless, and we’re confident that you will find them as easy to use as we do. Hallowink Brushes It’s a bit late for Inktober now, but you can be sure to have the right pack for the next year. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful! Moreover, if you aim to do some lettering, you may find these free Procreate brushes perfectly fitting this creative craving. Grain Shader Brushes Add depth, grain, shadow and form with the grain shader brush set. Featuring a diverse selection of authentic textures, the Grain Shader Brush Set is ideal for adding everything from bold, grungy shading to finely detailed grain overlays. Free Lockdown Brush Set Here’s another compact and totally free brush set for all creators currently doing the right thing and fighting to stay creative during the lockdown. Hope it helps — enjoy the brushes, draw, and don’t panic! Free Procreate Brushes One of the great features of the app is that you can create your own brushes — and add as many as you want to your toolbar. So these are just another superb addition to it, which you can use in your drawings and hand-lettering. Lithotone Brushes Take a digital trip back to the 70’s! Featuring over 84 Distressed Pattern Brushes for Procreate, the Lithotone Brush set will have you painting a diverse range of patterns faster than you say, “I am the shroom, the shroom is me”!
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