For Adding a product the user must have to Register as a vendor on the registration Section
after the registration was successful they can add there free Product into our website.

Please Note: we are not allowed to sell Premium Product into our website.

  • Vendor Dashboard: Vendors can log in and access their dashboard by navigating to the Vendor Dashboard section.
  • Add New Product: In the Vendor Dashboard, vendors will find an option to add a new product. This might be labeled as Add New Product.
  • Product Type: While adding a new product, vendors should select the product type as “Simple product” or “Downloadable product” depending on the options available.
  • Fill in Product Details: For a downloadable product, vendors need to provide the following details along with the regular product information: Virtual Product: Check the box indicating that the product is a virtual (downloadable) product.
  • Downloadable Files: Add the downloadable files (e.g., .PDF, .MP3, zip, .rar, etc.) by clicking the “Add File” button. You can upload the file or provide a URL.
  • Download Limit and Expiry: Set the download limit (number of times the customer can download the file) and download expiry (how long the link will be valid).
  • Product Pricing: As an Free Product Model Please always Set the price Zero 0
  • Save and Submit: After filling in all the product details, click the “Create and add Wew” or “Create Product” button, depending on the options available.
  • Product Goes Live: Once approved (if required), the digital downloadable product will be listed on your multi-vendor marketplace for customers to Download.

Creating products as a vendor using is super easy. After your vendor registers on your marketplace, they can easily create products and customize them from an intuitive dashboard.

So check out the documentation to know the process of creating products:-

Can we add – External/Affiliate Product

Yes You Can – Select Product Type – External/Affiliate Product You can create External/Affiliate product. That way you can create products and redirect them to your Affiliate sites. While creating a product, you need to select the External/Affiliate product type from the dropdown menu.

  • Please make sure you can add External/Affiliate if your product is Premium
  • You can’t add your free Product as an External/Affiliate.
  • Your Free Product Upload here so User’s can download it from here.


Read the Terms and Conditions for Adding Products

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