50+ Best Procreate Brushes (Download These Brush Sets Now!)

Love Procreate brushes? Whether you’re looking for the perfect Procreate line art brush, awesome Procreate blending brushes, or even Procreate tattoo brushes for your next design, there’s plenty to see in this list. Find your new favorite Procreate brushespack today, download them now, and get drawing!

image brushespack 86155
Download the Procreate painting brushes used to create this portrait on Brushes Pack.

Download Unlimited Procreate Brush Sets on Brushes Pack

If you love Procreate brushes, then check out Brushes Pack. For one low price, you get access to an entire library of professional content, including tons of Procreate add-ons like brushes, stamps, and palettes. Download as much as you want because it’s all included. If you love Procreate brushes, download the collection on Brushes Pack. They are all included for one low price.You can find Procreate hair brushes, Procreate star brush sets, Procreate tattoo brushes, and so much more on Brushes Pack. Whether you’re looking for the basics, like a solid Procreate line art brush, or something really artistic, like stamp brushes, there’s plenty to download.

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This Procreate watercolor brush is included with unlimited downloads on Brushes Pack.But Brushes Pack doesn’t just include unlimited Procreate brush downloads. It also includes professional stock photos, graphics, illustrations, audios, and even design templates. You can download a portfolio template to showcase your Procreate illustrations, or download a poster mockup to test out how your next Procreate creation might look printed and hung on the wall.
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Download Procreate Brush Sets like this one on Envato Elements.

Download Procreate Brush Sets like this one on Brushes Pack. You can even download fonts that you can use in Procreate. Even better, remember, Procreate can use Photoshop brushes too, so there’s even more included content to try out. Sign up for Brushes Pack today and start taking advantage of unlimited Procreate brush downloads. There are hundreds of different brushes and so many brush sets for Procreate that you can download and try today, all for one price. It’s a lot of content at a bargain price.

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Download these Procreate hair brushes today with unlimited downloads. They’re all included.50+ Best Procreate Brushes on Brushes PackHere’s a taste of some of the best Procreate brushes you can download right now on Brushes Pack. With unlimited downloads, you can get all of these brush sets for Procreate, because they’re all included. So pick your favorites and enjoy!
  1. Twentyletter Procreate Inking Brushes

image brushespack 86151

Procreate can be an amazing tool for hand lettering and digital calligraphy. Try out some downloadable Procreate brushes like these for your next lettering design project.

  1. Spalshy Brush: Procreate Brushes

image brushespack 86150

Love the look of a watercolor aesthetic? Then check out this awesome set of Procreate watercolor brushes, designed especially for stylish portrait drawing.

  1. Hand Drawn Brushes for Procreate
image brushespack 86149

This is such an awesome collection of Procreate brushes, especially if you like to experiment with different textures. There are 20 downloadable Procreate brushes included in this set, so there’s plenty to try.

  1. Dry Media Pro Charcoal and Chalk Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86148

Dry media can be really fun to work with. Try these dry media Procreate brushes to simulate that look without the mess you get with real media. This Procreate brush pack is awesome for still life, life drawing, and more.

  1. Shading Procreate Texture Brushes
image brushespack 86147

Bring some texture to your work with these beautifully designed shading and texture brushes. Use them on their own, or pair them with some of your favorite Procreate brushes.

  1. Start Type Procreate Calligraphy Brushes
image brushespack 86146

If you love hand lettering and calligraphy, you’re going to love this collection of Procreate lettering brushes. This is a great choice if you’re looking to design your own fonts too. Give these downloadable Procreate brushes a try today!

  1. Pencil Procreate Texture Brushes
image brushespack 86145

You can get so many awesome textures when working with pencil, and these Procreate pencil brushes definitely deliver on that aesthetic. Choose from 24 included brushes and use them in your next drawing.

  1. Dry Marker Brushes for Procreate (Procreate Lettering Brushes)
image brushespack 86144

Marker can be a wonderful choice for your next drawing. This Procreate brush set is all inspired by dry marker, and you can create some really artistic strokes with them too. 9. Foliage Brushes for Procreate (Tree Brush Procreate)

image brushespack 86143

Looking for unique Procreate brush downloads? Painting foliage, landscapes, and trees can be so much fun. Push your work further with these beautiful Procreate tree brushes, perfect for foliage, backgrounds, and much more.

  1. Pattern Brushes: Chain Brush Procreate Circles
image brushespack 86142

Did you know you can download pattern Procreate brushes too? This set is all inspired by circles; use them to make chains, backgrounds, and so much more.

  1. Procreate Lettering Brushes
image brushespack 86141

Looking for brush sets for Procreate for lettering? These stylish lettering brushes have so much beautiful texture to experiment with, and there are over ten brushes included with the set. Try it for hand-lettering projects like posters, invitations, and more.

  1. Snow Brushes for Procreate
image brushespack 86140

These snow brushes are easy to use and bring interesting texture and variety to any drawing. Mix it up and use them primarily for texture, or reimagine them as noise, stars, and more. It’s one of the best Procreate brushes for winter-inspired designs.

  1. Art Brushes for Procreate (Procreate Painting Brushes)
image brushespack 86139

Love a painterly look? Then give these Procreate painting brushes a try. You get 21 downloadable Procreate brushes to try in this collection, so there’s plenty to see and test out.

  1. Procreate Watercolor Brush Set
image brushespack 86139

Watercolor can be such a stylish, trendy aesthetic, but it’s timeless too. The perfect Procreate watercolor brush can work in so many projects. Give this collection a try.

  1. Procreate Colter Brush: Watercolor Procreate Brush Pack
image brushespack 86138

These Procreate painting brushes take a lot of influence from watercolor, but there are some extras thrown in here too. This is perfect for watercolor portraits and other fun Procreate projects. This pack can be a good option if you’re looking for Procreate hair brushes too.

  1. Procreate Artist Oil Brushes
image brushespack 86137 1

Isn’t it amazing that these sample works were drawn in Procreate? Download these Procreate painting brushes today to give an oil paint look and feel a try in your next digital painting.

  1. 40+ Procreate Lettering Brushes (Procreate Calligraphy Brushes)
image brushespack 86137

If you’re looking for the ultimate collection for hand lettering in Procreate, look no further. You get an awesome 40+ brushes in this set, and there’s so much fun content to try.

  1. Procreate Texture Brushes (Textured Procreate Blending Brushes)
image brushespack 86136

Texture can make a huge difference in your digital art. Give this textured Procreate brush set a try on its own, or pair it with your favorite Procreate brushes to bring some added texture and style.

  1. Chalk Procreate Sketch Brushes
image brushespack 86135

Chalk lettering and drawing have continually grown in popularity. Creating work like this digitally is less messy and gives us the convenience of undo too! Give the look a try with this set of Procreate chalk brushes.

  1. InkDraw: Procreate Inking Brushes
image brushespack 86134 1

Procreate inking brushes, like this set, are a perfect choice for illustration, comics, and much more. They’re versatile, clean, and a great addition to any artist’s brush library.

  1. Floral Tree Brush Procreate Brush Stamps
image brushespack 86134

A floral chain brush Procreate stamp like this one can be such a fun way to add some extra design elements to your work. The 27 included wreaths here can be left as is or expanded into something new.

  1. Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate
image brushespack 86133

Aren’t these Procreate painting brushes stylish? This massive set of Procreate brushes includes 52 brushes to work with, so there is so much to see and so much potential. Give this set a try.

  1. Artistic & Matte Painting Brush Set
image brushespack 86132

Remember, you can also use Photoshop brushes in Procreate! For example, this awesome set of brushes brings so many essentials to your library. Give them a shot in Procreate today.

  1. Space Procreate Brushes (Star Brush Procreate)
image brushespack 86131

A Procreate star brush can be such an awesome addition to your library. Create your own beautiful galaxy drawings and paintings with a stylish and easy-to-use brush set like this one.

  1. Outline Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86130

This trendy brush set has so much potential. Create beautiful, textured works of art, and use these brushes for hand lettering, line art, and so much more in your next digital creation.

  1. Skin Studio Procreate Brushes (Procreate Eyelash Brush, Skin Brush)
image brushespack 86129 1

Check out some of the amazing results you can achieve with these Procreate brushes, especially for digitally painting skin. This 5 brush set contains 19 different brushes you can use to achieve realistic effects.

  1. Floralies Procreate Brush Sets
image brushespack 86129

Easily add these cute, hand-painted watercolor flowers to your next composition with this Procreate flower brush set. Stamp brushes can be such an easy and fun way to add extras to your digital art.

  1. Shine Like a Unicorn | Cute Star Brush Procreate Set
image brushespack 86128

Looking for a brush set that contains everything you need? Check out this cute Procreate brush set. It has line brushes and texture brushes you can use together for one cohesive style.

  1. Potstamp: Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86127

Stamp brushes can be a fun and simple addition, or they can prove to be something you can expand and adapt. Check out these stylish Procreate watercolor stamp brushes.

  1. Procreate and Photoshop Urban Spray Brushes
image brushespack 86126

There are so many aesthetics to try when it comes to Procreate brushes. These brushes will work in both Photoshop and Procreate, so give them a try in one or both of them.

  1. Procreate Foliage Brushes: Grass
image brushespack 86125

Foliage, tree, and grass brushes can prove to be a versatile addition to your brush library. Try out these Procreate foliage brushes for drawing backgrounds, landscapes, and more.

  1. Sketcher Brushes: Procreate Sketch Brushes
image brushespack 86124

Love to sketch and doodle on your iPad? Then these Procreate drawing brushes could be just the right set for you. Download them, easily load them up into Procreate, and start sketching.

  1. Dots & Squares Pixel Brush Procreate Set
image brushespack 86123

If you love a comic style, or you’re just a fan of halftones, this brush set is a really fun one to try. Try them in your comic panels to create a fun, stylish pop art look and feel.

  1. Lighter Brushes: Procreate Brush
Lighter Brushes - Procreate Brush

Isn’t this a stylish aesthetic? Try out these dynamic Procreate brushes for hand-lettering projects or other drawings that would benefit from the texture and effect of these amazing strokes.

  1. Halloween Illustration Stamp Brush Procreate
image brushespack 86122

Get into the holiday spirit with these fun Halloween Procreate brushes. Remember, you can use stamps like this as is, or expand on them too. You could also color these in within the software. Download Even More Procreate Brushes on Brushes Pack Looking for Procreate brushes, but you’d prefer to download them a la carte? Then check out the selection on Brushes Pack. There’s plenty of content to see, but there’s no subscription or library involved. Instead, only download exactly what you want.

Check out some of the inspiring brushes for Procreate over on Brushes Pack that you can download right now. Consider giving one a try in your next Procreate drawing project.

  1. Map Vintage Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86121

This amazing brush set includes over 65 brushes, including stamps, patterns, and more. Use them to create your own vintage-themed illustrations, drawings, and more.

  1. Artista Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86120

If you love a large collection of brushes, this amazing, artistic set comes with 60 brushes to experiment with. Perfect for sketching, this set of Procreate brushes would be an awesome addition to any library.

  1. Pencil Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86119

Love pencils? Then you’re going to love this Procreate brush set. It includes an amazing 50 pencil brushes that you can use to create your next digital masterpiece.

  1. Procreate Brows Stamp Brushes: Procreate Eyelash Brush
image brushespack 86118

Drawing portraits? Then try out these beautiful Procreate brushes, perfect for brows. You can use the strokes to add eyelashes and other delicate features on the face too.

  1. Good Bohoism: Procreate Stamp Brush
image brushespack 86117

These fun, abstract shapes are such a playful addition to any Procreate brush collection. Use them as background elements or expand upon them in your next Procreate drawing.

  1. Shader Brushes for Procreate
image brushespack 86116

Aren’t these amazing shader brushes stylish? They include 35 brushes and 12 textures. They are amazing on their own, but they also pair nicely with other Procreate brushes.

  1. Lighthouse Liner Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86115 1

Here’s another awesome Procreate brush set, especially if you like Procreate inking brushes or you’re looking for a stylish Procreate line art brush. Choose from over 50 brushes in this collection.

  1. 14 Halftone Pixel Brush Procreate & PS Brushes
image brushespack 86115

Halftones can bring such interesting texture and variety to your compositions. Use these brushes in either Procreate or Adobe Photoshop (or both!). This is a great one for comics and illustration.

  1. Shepia: 60 Stamp Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86114

These fun, modern shapes could be an excellent addition to so many design and illustrative projects. Try them as background elements, or try layering them on top of each other to create different effects.

  1. Stipple Brushes for Procreate
image brushespack 86113

Stippling can prove to be such a visually engaging aesthetic. Try it out with these stylish Procreate brushes. There are 27 brushes included in this artistic set.

  1. Watercolor & Pencil Procreate Brushes
image brushespack 86112

This 14 brush collection is a great choice if you like a soft, watercolor aesthetic. It includes pencil brushes and watercolor brushes. Pair them together or try them out with your favorite Procreate brushes.

  1. Leafly Procreate Stamp Brushes
image brushespack 86111

Love flower and leaf brushes, but you’d prefer something more illustrative? These stamp brushes for Procreate could be a perfect choice. Try them out in different colors and layer them too.

  1. Procreate Dry Marker Brushes
image brushespack 86110

A dry brush aesthetic can be such a great fit for hand lettering. Try out this collection of Procreate brushes if you’re looking to add some interesting texture to your work.

  1. The Wireframe Kit for Procreate
image brushespack 86109

Did you know you can also use Procreate to build wireframes for your projects? This Procreate brush set is designed specifically to make that purpose even easier for you.

  1. 52 Leaves Photoshop Stamp Brushes
image brushespack 86108

These leaf brushes include so many different leaves you can try out. Use them in Photoshop or import them into Procreate. Try them out as a stamp or scatter them. There are so many ways you could try these brushes.

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