Best PROCREATE Ink Brushes [Free and Premium]

Best PROCREATE Ink Brushes [Free and Premium] This time I was looking for some Procreate INK brushes that will be perfect for drawing LineartComics, and also Calligraphy (+ I also found nice brushes that imitate ink splatters). Read the article and download your favorite brush set! This article is dedicated to PROCREATE Ink brushes only – they won’t work on other software like Photoshop of Affinity ( I will create separate lists for them in the future). *In some cases, creators include in the download file also brushes in other formats (for example: .abr for Photoshop), or create alternative versions – the same brushes, but customized to work in another software- that are available to download as a separate pack. I mention this info at the beginning of brushes’ description – in the “software compatibility”. Till now, I’ve created a few lists of brushes, you can check them out here: I always try to include in the lists premium and free brushes as well. I hope these articles will be useful to you and will save you some time in searching for the brushes you need. Ps. The brushes are listed randomly, and the list will be updated in the future Quick list – Best Ink brushes for PROCREATE:
  1. INK 4 Procreate: 63 Brushes
  2. Greg’s Brushes [ Free and Premium]
  3. Sumi-e Ink
  4.  Rough Pack – by Snooze One
  5. INKDUP: Natural Ink Brushes for Procreate [Free and Premium]
  6. Hatch Effects – Brush Pack for Procreate [Free and Premium]
  7. INK brushes + Paper textures by Svetlana Tigai
  8. Procreate Ink Brushes by MiksKS
  9. Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate
  10. Dry Ink Procreate Brushes [Free and Premium]
  11. Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes
  14. The Rusty Nib
  15. Ink Manga [FREE]
  16. Simple manga motion (speed) lines brush [FREE]
  17. Sumi-e random ink strokes [FREE]
List of Procreate Ink Brushes Procreate has already some inking brushes that are great for drawing comics and linearts, like the Ink Bleed, Dry Ink (and even some sketching brushes) that with the right setting changes can be a great addition to your brush set. However, if that’s not enough and you are looking for something different, you may want to check out these ink brushes created by other artists! I have to admit, that I was mainly focusing on looking for ink brushes that imitate stokes similar to the style used in the comic Jesus Punk Rock (by Sean Murphy), and Andy Brase artworks (incredible skills). I really love how the Ink texture and correctly used splashes can make the illustrations look so dynamic. Below is an example of what I have in my mind: Nonetheless, I also tried to find and include other brushes, that will be more suitable for creating artworks that resemble manga, and some brush sets for lettering (+ I also listed a few brush sets that are not strictly the “Ink brushes” but rather a nice addition to such set, and therefore worth mentioning). Many of these brushes are created by professional artists and used by them daily to create illustrations. So I also encourage you to check out their artworks and follow them – you can find on their websites/pages many great examples of what you can create with a certain brush set + some other brush sets that might be useful to you.
1. INK 4 Procreate: 63 Brushes View brushes (63+) *This pack doesn’t contain Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint files, they are available to purchase in separate sets, linked above. “INK 4 Procreate” is a huge pack of 63 brushes created by Eldar Zakirov. This brush set attracted my attention with its beautiful promotional images – illustrations painted by Eldar. That’s exactly the style I was looking for, the brushes imitate such traditional tools as round brushes/ flat brushes loaded by ink, bristle brushes, ruling pen, folded pen, sharp nib pen, flat nib pen, and of course spray and splash brushes. In total it’s 63 different brushes, so to help you navigate, Eldar also included a .JPG file with images of the brushes with their titles and examples of their stroke/trail in their order. Below you can see a few examples of Eldar’s Ink brushes: If you want to see more of these brushes, check out this demonstration video – you can see here all 63 brushes in action. Eldar uses these brushes to paint his illustrations, as well as brushes from other sets he created, like: Fur brushes and Foliage&Grass. You can see more of his brush sets  and artworks on his website:
2. Greg’s Brushes [ Free and Premium] View brushes (45+) This pack “Greg’s Brushes” was created by Georg Graf von Westphalen and contains 45 brushes. It was created as a part of the Inktober challenge. The brush set consists brushes that imitate Ink, pigment pens, markers and a few other traditional media tools. For better effect you can choose normal, glaze, and wet paint mode to use them as ink brushes, markers or paint brushes. You can switch the brush render mode with three buttons in the “Dynamics” tab of the Procreate brush menu. Here’s a video where you can see how some of these brushes look like: Greg released a part of this pack for free, to celebrate the release of new features in Procreate 5. You can download the 20 free brushes here:  and if you like the pack, you can make a small donation to support the artist. By the way, Greg created also other brush sets (and fonts!), so if you are interested, you should check out his website:
3. Sumi-e Ink  View brushes Here’s a quick mention – another pack created by Greg that I think will be a nice addition to your brush sets. You will find here a few brushes imitating Sumi-e Ink painting:  The NINJA INK WET, The SAMURAI INK WET, The SHOGUN INK WET and The GEISHA INK WET.
4. Rough Pack – by Snooze One View brushes(29+) The Rough Pack was created with lettering artists in mind. It consists of 29 procreate brushes, 26 Worksheets, and 5 mockups. Briefly, the pack offers you brushes that imitate brush strokes inspired by real textures and tools, and several different brush splatters. What attracted my attention are the 26 Worksheets – the whole alphabet in four different styles. It’s really great for beginners, so if you just got interested in lettering, this is the brush set you should check out! Below is a “walkthrough” video, where you can see how each of these brushes look like: This pack was created by an artist known under a nickname Snooze One. He’s a calligraphy and graffiti enthusiast from Berlin, and created a lot of other awesome brush packs which you can check out on his website * he also created other worksheets .
5. INKDUP: Natural Ink Brushes for Procreate [Free and Premium] View brushes(90+) You will find there over 90 different brushes imitating ink strokes, ink washes, and ink artifacts. This pack is available on gumroad for a “donation” – you set up the price. Matty spent over a year tweaking the brushes to make them as realistic as possible, so if you like the brushes, it would be really great if you could support him by donating a fair price. “They help fund future brush development, and make it worthwhile to continue to offer these brushes to those who can’t afford it otherwise. I’m willing to keep this grand experiment alive for as long as I can do it: that means your purchasing support is crucial.” You can see all brushes and illustration examples on Matty B’s behance: INK DUP: Natural Media Ink Brushes for Procreate. If you like this brush set, Matty created other different sets which you might like. You can check them out on his gumroad page: MattyB. One of these brush sets is also included in this article, it’s listed below 🙂
6. Hatch Effects – Brush Pack for Procreate [Free and Premium] View brushes(35) Another brush pack created by Matty B. I mention it here as an addition to the previous pack “INKDUP”. It has 35 brushes, that consist of dots, scribbles, and dots, which are perfect for filling up the background. You can see the brushes on Matty’s Behance page: Brush Pack for Procreate: Hatch Effects. This pack is also available to download for free, however, there’s an option to purchase it – and you decide its price.
7. INK brushes + Paper textures by Svetlana Tigai View brushes(35+) Here are 35 Ink Brushes, created by Svetlana. What’s makes this brush pack to stand out, is that it provides you brushes that you can use on 2 software: Procreate and Photoshop.  Each brush has its own unique shape and was carefully tuned and calibrated, they were created to resemble traditional techniques as close as possible. Svetlana added to this pack also other bonuses – 40 paper textures (5035x7017p, 600 dpi) and a Short time-lapse video of the title drawing, 720p. In an update, she added 4 short time-lapse videos of drawing in ProCreate (3-6 minutes, 1920x1080p) ⁃ 9 example drawings in high resolution. *In the brush description, she advises to put the paper texture as a top layer and set it in the «linear burn» mode, and to use dark grey instead of black color. By the way, if you are like me – you like to sketch on small surfaces, create simple drawings in procreate, but finish your illustrations in photoshop (bigger monitors make it more comfortable to draw details) – this is the brush set that you should check out!
8. Procreate Ink Brushes by MiksKS View brushes(36+) *This pack doesn’t contain Photoshop or Affinity brush files, they are available to purchase in separate sets, linked above. Here’s a pack of Handmade Ink brushes created by MiksKS (he’s an author of different brush sets, which I already mentioned in other articles). The brushes are based on China Ink samples. You will find here 36 brushes, that are divided into 3 categories: – regular brushes (for ink sketches) – ink washes (great for backgrounds and texturing) – and ink stains stamps. *All brushes (except the stamps) are pressure sensitive and optimized for the Apple Pencil, so MiksKS can’t guarantee that they will behave as advertised with third-party styluses. Additionally, MiksKS also added to the pack 5 paper textures that you can use as a background for your artworks. As I mentioned, MiksKS is an author of many other brush sets, textures, mockups etc. not only for Procreate, but also other software (Photoshop and Affinity). If you are interested, you can check them out on his website
9. Comic Ink Brush Set for Procreate View brushes(11+) In this brush set created by RetroSuppy, you will find 11 Procreate vintage comic ink brushes, 6 ink spray stamp brushes + 1 PDF reference guide and 1 PDF installation guide. The brushes are inspired by vintage comic books. So if you want to create illustrations that have this “retro” look, this is the brush set you should check out. So, how the brushes look like? Some of the brushes imitate pens, that emulate the look of ink bleed effects on cheap newsprint, lines with a subtle gritty texture, there’s also a “classic ballpoint” and “fountain pen”. On Youtube, you can watch a quick speedpaint video of the promotional image drew with brushes from this pack: Vintage Comic Ink brushes YT. All the brushes included in the pack are pressure sensitive and optimized for your Apple Pencil.
10. Dry Ink Procreate Brushes [Free and Premium] View brushes(10+) A simple pack of 10 Dry Ink Brushes created by Maja Faber – 4 ink liners and 6 ink fillers. Each brush was created out of real ink drawings. Additionally, in this pack, you will also find 1 digital paper texture and Procreate color palette. [FREE]  – I just found out that there’s one brush from this Dry Ink Brushes set that you can download for free! The free brush is called “Everyday Liner” and it’s available to download on Maja’s website here: 5 premium procreate brushes.  In this little set, you will get 5 different brushes for free, that are a part of other, bigger brush sets created by Maja. Such as “Watercolor Brush Set”, which I already mentioned in a different article. I invite you to check out her website , where you can see her other brushes and the amazing designs she creates.
11. Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes View brushes(14+) Here’s another brush set you should check out if you want to mimic the vintage, comic-inspired look in your illustrations. I actually picked 2 example artworks instead of the promotional illustration for this brush set, because I wanted to show that there aren’t just ink brushes in the pack, but you also get brushes that imitate other traditional media. So, saying briefly, you will get brushes imitating the following art tools: Inkers (obviously), Pencils, CrowQuill pen, dry brushes, tech pen, halftone dots – and even bonuses: 4 High-Resolution Vintage Paper Textures, Masking Palette and PDF Paper Texture Tutorial Guide. It’s a nice addition to your set, which gives you the possibility to play around and test brushes that look like other art tools.
12. MESSY INK – STAMP BRUSHES If you are looking for incredibly realistic ink stamps to enhance your artworks – The “Messy Ink brushes” is the brush pack you should check out. In the set you will find 54 brushes: Ink stamp brushes, 2 messy ink lettering/detail brushes, Pattern & Border brushes, Spatter brushes This is not something that will be helpful if you need ink brushes for your comic project, but will definitely benefit those who are interested in lettering and book scraping. If you are generally looking for stamp brushes, then you should check Syndee’s website, – she’s an incredibly skilled artist and has tons of beautiful brush stamps to offer!
13. DIGITAL INK BRUSH SET FOR PROCREATE View brushes (32+) Here’s another pack I found, that has this “vintage” look. It was created by Scotty Russell, who worked on this brush set for over 8 months and uses it daily for creating his own illustrations, lettering, and calligraphy work. Briefly, in this pack, you will get: 32 Digital Inking Brushes (Monoline and brush pens), 3 Stippling Brushes, 1 Precision Eraser and 1 Large Fill Brush. Moreover, Scotty added to this pack 5 BONUS Mockup Files (.PSD & .PNG), 5 BONUS Textured Background (.PNG) and Brush Set Reference Guide. Also, important info – there are Free Updates to this pack! *Digression At first, I thought that I already listed this brush set, because I felt like I saw it before. But then I realized that in fact my brain makes me think that because of this grain texture. In the past I took classes from metal printing technique, and this grain reminded me of the guide sheet we (students) had, where were shown printing effects (intensity), and instruction on how long we have to etch the plate in order to achieve certain effects. Honestly, If I would ever want to create a digital illustration that imitates one of the metal Old master print techniques, this brush set would be my choice.
14. The Rusty Nib View brushes(130) *This pack doesn’t contain Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint files, they are available to purchase in separate sets, linked above. Rusty Nib Brush Set is a huge pack of 130 realistic ink brushes, with huge variety of textures, edge effects and brush poses to suit almost any drawing style. It was Built from high-def analogue source materials and designed for pro-quality output by True Grit Texture Supply. The brush set has also alternative versions, for Photoshop and Affinity (there are available as separate packs) which I think is a nice advantage that’s worth mentioning. So, this pack included brushes that imitate Nibs and Tech Pens, Brush Pens, Brush Inkers, Sumi-E Brushes, Ink Washes and Watercolors + 11 Effect Brushes, and 1 Printable Brush Preview Booklet. The Updates are free, and if you also want do test True Grit Texture Supply brushes, you can download a free sampler by subscribing for their
15. Ink Manga  [FREE] View brushes A free Ink Brushes I found on Procreate Folio’s forum. The forum is a goldmine and there are threads where artists post their brushes, and allow other artists to download and test them for free. These brushes were created by Ivan Seelnon. I tried to learn more about Ivan, but unfortunately, his account on the forum is deactivated. But I found his blog, and the concept arts publishes there seem to be created by Ivan – (the intertiors look amazing). Briefly, Ivan published on the forum a few brushes: the sketching brush, Shading G Pen, G Pen Light Brush, Saji an Maru Pens and also a Fude Pen. Free for download, so check them out!
16. Simple manga motion (speed) lines brush [FREE] View brushes(3) Here’s a set of 3 simple manga motion lines brushes, which are great for comic artists. The Brushes were created by Oscar Campo, and look exactly like the background often added to action frames in manga books. Hope it will be useful to you!
17. Sumi-e random ink strokes [FREE] View brushes Przemysław Bródka created Sumi-e brush, and published it on Procreate Folio’s forum to download for free. It’s difficult to use it as a regular brush, because it’s totally random, but it’s perfect for some finishing touches. In the discussion section, Przemek posted all a few other brushes he created, another sumi-e brush, and fineliner (polish language: Cienkopis) brushes. Btw, If you are curious about Przemek, you can check out his beautiful artworks on the !
Do you know a watercolor brush set that isn’t listed here, but is worth recommending? If yes, then please let me know in the comments   Also, feel free to share your opinion, I’m curious which set looks the most interesting to you. I hope this article helped you to find what you need!
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