Discover the Best Blending Brushes for Procreate

Discover the Best Blending Brushes for Procreate


Digital artists using Procreate are constantly seeking tools that enhance their creativity and efficiency. One such indispensable tool for creating stunning digital artwork is blending brushes. In this article, we will explore what blending brushes are, their benefits, and the top 5 blending brushes for Procreate that every artist should consider.

What are Blending Brushes for Procreate?

Blending brushes are digital tools designed to simulate the effect of blending and smudging colors in traditional art. These brushes are specifically developed for Procreate, a popular digital illustration app for iPad. With blending brushes, artists can seamlessly blend colors, soften edges, and create smooth transitions, adding depth and realism to their artwork.

Benefits of Using Blending Brushes

  1. Enhanced Realism: Blending brushes allow artists to achieve a more realistic and organic appearance in their digital art by mimicking traditional blending techniques.
  2. Time-Saving: Blending brushes streamline the process of mixing colors and creating gradients, reducing the time required for meticulous color blending.
  3. Seamless Color Transitions: Artists can achieve smooth color transitions and gradients with ease, making their artwork visually appealing.
  4. Softening Edges: Blending brushes help in softening harsh edges, making the artwork look more polished and professional.
  5. Experimentation: These brushes encourage creativity and experimentation, enabling artists to explore various blending styles.

1. Blending Brush Procreate – 8 Procreate Watercolor Blending Brushes

Discover the magic of seamless watercolor blending with our Blending Brush Procreate set! Elevate your digital artistry to new heights with 8 specially crafted Procreate watercolor blending brushes. Effortlessly achieve realistic watercolor effects, smooth gradients, and captivating washes, bringing life and depth to your creations. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, these brushes offer unparalleled versatility and ease of use. Unleash your creativity and unlock the full potential of Procreate with this essential brush set. Elevate your artwork today and create stunning masterpieces like never before! Set of 8 Procreate Watercolor Blending Brushes Procreate brushes are made for Procreate app for iPad and don’t work in other software like Adobe Photoshop. You’ll be able to download the brushes right after you complete your purchase – Instant Download The brushes work the best when used with Apple Pencil as they rely on the amount of pressure used when drawing! Keep drawing! Included in this set: • 8 Watercolor Blender Wash Brushes

2. 43 Procreate Brushes

43 brushes for Procreate . (43 Procreate Brushes). If you like the look of Procreate’s 43 brushes and want to recreate it in Procreate, then this set is a MUST! I have created a set of 43 Procreate brushes that make it very easy to get the Riso effect in Procreate. The 43 Procreate Brushes are pressure sensitive giving you complete control over the look of your product. I’ve also added FOUR paper texture brushes so you can add realism to your 43 Procreate brushes. There are also five additional brushes for creating your initial design. Key feature: Huge variety of textures, edge effects and brush poses, suitable for almost any painting style. Created from high definition analogue source material for professional quality output. Intuitive and easy to use, whether you’re a weekend warrior honing his craft, or a professional pro chasing deadlines and dreams. Easily navigate through the list of brushes with dividers separating brushes by style. Includes easy-to-use washes and watercolors with realistic blending and blending effects for authentic results. Enjoy applying authentic stamps to your paintings and play with clipping masks and blending modes to simulate the amazing unpredictability of real watercolor.

cats – free procreate brush stamps set brushespack net 2023 06 06 07 10 34 896.png 896

cats – free procreate brush stamps set brushespack net 2023 06 06 07 10 34 896.png 896

3. 9 procreate Blending Brushes

In this set, you will 9 procreate Blending Brushes for creative projects. You will love to use these brushes in Procreate on any kind of project, from illustrations for kids, grunge style illustrations, and comic and realistic projects. To use the brushes simply choose a brush, select the paint tool, and draw. The color and width of the strokes can be adjusted easily.9 Procreate Blending Brushes If you love the brushes or creations that you’ve made with them, don’t hesitate to share!9 procreate Blending Brushes IMPORTANT: These brushes are ONLY for Procreate and for use with Pencil or a compatible stylus. These brushes DO NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP or ILLUSTRATOR. HOW TO INSTALL: Download the file, Go to the file, preview the content, see the brushes file, click on it and it will be imported to Procreate on your iPad.

4. Blending Brushes for Procreate 2323103

Take your Procreate artwork to new heights with our Blending Brushes for Procreate 2323103. Fuel your imagination and bring your ideas to life with ease. These brushes are meticulously crafted to provide seamless blending, enabling you to achieve professional-grade results in every stroke. From soft, dreamy blends to bold, dramatic effects, these brushes cater to every artistic style. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned artist, these brushes are the secret to unlocking your creative potential. Don’t wait – embrace the artistry and embrace the possibilities with our Blending Brushes for Procreate! Blend colors while painting with the new blending brushes. This pack of 4 brushes allows you to blend colors as you paint. Great for hand letterers and digital illustrators.
These brushes are for the Procreate app only and will not work in Photoshop and Illustrator.
​There are two blenders and two water brushes included.

cloth and textures brushes for procreate

cloth and textures brushes for procreate

5. Taozipie’s Blending Set 10 total brushes

Taozipie’s Blending Set is a collection of 10 high-quality brushes that are perfect for blending and creating smooth transitions in your Procreate artwork. These brushes are responsive and easy to use, and they offer a wide variety of options for creating different blending effects. With Taozipie’s Blending Set, you can create everything from realistic portraits to abstract paintings. Here are some of the features of Taozipie’s Blending Set:
  • 10 high-quality brushes
  • Responsive and easy to use
  • Wide variety of options for creating different blending effects
  • Perfect for blending and creating smooth transitions in Procreate artwork

6. nilyn 30 Brush pack Procreate

Elevate your digital art to new heights with Nilyn 30 Brush Pack for Procreate. This extensive collection of high-quality brushes provides a diverse range of creative options to enhance your illustrations, paintings, and designs. The Nilyn 30 Brush Pack offers a wide variety of brush styles, meticulously crafted to cater to different artistic needs. Whether you’re seeking realistic textures, expressive strokes, intricate detailing, or unique effects, this brush pack has you covered. Whether you’re a digital painter, illustrator, or graphic designer, these brushes will expand your creative toolkit. Experiment with different brush sizes, opacities, and blending modes to achieve the desired effects and bring your artistic vision to life. Designed specifically for Procreate, a leading digital art platform, Nilyn 30 Brush Pack seamlessly integrates into your creative workflow. With the ability to customize and save your favorite brushes, you can personalize your digital art experience and work with greater efficiency. Expand your creative toolkit and unlock new possibilities with Nilyn 30 Brush Pack for Procreate. Whether you’re creating stunning illustrations, lifelike portraits, dynamic concept art, or captivating lettering, this comprehensive brush pack will inspire your artistic journey.

7. TEXTURE-CHALK brushes for procreate app

Infuse your digital artwork with the authentic charm of chalk textures using the TEXTURE-CHALK Brushes for Procreate App. This comprehensive brush set is specifically designed to replicate the unique and nostalgic feel of chalk, allowing you to add stunning chalk effects to your digital creations. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or hand-lettering enthusiast, the TEXTURE-CHALK Brushes for Procreate App offer a wide variety of brushes that mimic the look and feel of traditional chalk. With these brushes, you can achieve realistic chalky textures, adding depth, character, and a touch of nostalgia to your artwork. Each brush in this set is carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance of texture, opacity, and blending properties. Whether you’re creating chalkboard-style illustrations, hand-lettering, or adding subtle chalk accents, these brushes offer exceptional control and versatility. The TEXTURE-CHALK Brushes for Procreate App seamlessly integrate with the Procreate app, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience. Simply import the brushes into your Procreate library and start exploring the endless possibilities of creating with digital chalk. Download the TEXTURE-CHALK Brushes for Procreate App today and elevate your digital artwork with stunning chalk effects. Whether you’re designing posters, creating illustrations, or adding vintage touches to your lettering, these brushes will help you achieve authentic and eye-catching results.

8. Haze Long Smudge Brushes

The Haze Long Smudge Brushes are the perfect tool for blending in Procreate. With 8 different brushes, you can create smooth, seamless blends in no time. The brushes are easy to use and come with a variety of features, such as pressure sensitivity and opacity control. Here are some of the features of the Haze Long Smudge Brushes:
  • 8+ High-Quality Brushes: The brushset includes over 8 high-quality brushes, perfect for a variety of blending projects.
  • Easy to Use: The brushes are easy to use, so you can focus on blending your art.
  • Various Features: The brushes come with a variety of features, such as pressure sensitivity, blending, and opacity control.
With the Haze Long Smudge Brushes, you have everything you need to create stunning art. So what are you waiting for? Order your brushset today!

9. nilyn 8 Smudge Brushes

Explore the power of blending and smudging in your digital artwork with Nilyn 8 Smudge Brushes. This comprehensive collection of high-quality brushes is designed to help you achieve seamless blending effects, adding depth, texture, and dimension to your digital paintings, illustrations, and designs. The Nilyn 8 Smudge Brushes offer a range of brush options, each meticulously crafted to provide precise control and smooth blending in your artwork. Whether you want to create soft gradients, blend colors seamlessly, or add subtle texture, these brushes offer versatility and flexibility to meet your artistic needs. Whether you’re a digital painter, illustrator, or concept artist, these brushes provide the tools to unlock your creativity and achieve professional-level blending effects in your artwork. Experiment with different brush sizes, pressures, and blending modes to create a wide range of effects and styles. Compatible with popular digital art software, Nilyn 8 Smudge Brushes seamlessly integrate into your digital workflow. Whether you’re using Procreate, Photoshop, or another digital art program, these brushes can be easily incorporated, allowing you to elevate your artistic expressions and create captivating digital artwork. Discover the endless possibilities of blending and smudging with Nilyn 8 Smudge Brushes. Whether you’re creating realistic portraits, atmospheric landscapes, or expressive illustrations, these high-quality brushes will enhance your artwork and take your digital creations to new heights.

10. Procreate – Advanced Blending Brushes

This brush set for Procreate includes 16 powerful and unique blenders that’ll enable you to create the smoothest, creamiest and most stunning color transitions possible. These blenders require absolutely no previous experience. You can immediately start blending like a pro! Simple! Each blender behaves differently and has its own purpose. They come with unique textures that will instantly spice up your illustrations. —————————————- Here are the blenders that come with this set:
  • Smooth Blenders: H2O // Whirlpool // Soda // Blendmaster Flash
  • Smeary Blenders: Smeary Finger // Bristlemania // Carbonara // Smudgy // Smudge-a-Holic // Oily Bristles
  • FX Blenders: Confetti // Frost // Sticks // Squeegee // Beans // Snowflakes

dyn procreate lettering brush (2)

dyn procreate lettering brush (2)

11. The Pastel Pro Pack Procreate Brush Set By Lane.Draws – brush

Lane’s Pastel Pro Pack is a collection of finely tuned brushes for Procreate. You Get: – 48 Brushes and Tools for Procreate 5+ – 35 Natural Paper Textures to Draw On – Eye Demo Video with Voice-over! – Extra Time-lapse videos and high-resolution images Pastels represent the often-overlooked middle ground between drawing and painting. With digital art the boundaries are blurry and we often need brushes that can do it all. I’ve designed these brushes with a clear objective in mind: to combine the pleasing grain of dry media and the fluid blending qualities of paint. Just like with the Charcoal Master Pack, I’ve geared this new set to fulfill my own personal wishlist, and I’m excited to share them with you! As with traditional tools, my ideal digital brush can create a wide range of effects and edge qualities depending on how I hold the stylus. Utilizing every feature the new Procreate 5x brush engine has to offer, I’ve designed each of these new brushes to produce a range of characteristics depending on whether you draw with the tip of the Apple Pencil or the edge. Among my favorites in the pack are the three Particle/Edge Pro brushes, which can create both airbrush-style gradients and razor-sharp edges. Many more of the brushes can be used to create both soft and hard edges, broad, narrow, bold or sparse strokes— this allows for more efficient and enjoyable painting!

12. Watery Blend Brushes for Procreate X 26

These Procreate digital brushes are perfect for DIY projects, whether this be for continued digital crafting or for printed goods. The clip art elements can be used for greeting cards, scrapbooking, invitations, wall art, wrapping paper, print on demand, and much much more! This brush pack includes: 26 brushes. The brushes include varying textures/levels of ‘wateryness’. the pack includes water edgers, texturisers, mixers, and bristles. the pack also includes 3 X art/watercolor paper texture brushes (use multiply blending mode to get the best out of these). The beauty of these brushes is that they can be used alongside various mediums (for example inking) and you do not need to rely on a specific ‘watercolor set’. The brushes can be used either for blending or as a paintbrush – this is except one brush that has the capacity to self-dilute as you utilize the pressure sensitivity and press harder and so this is best left on paint (this is marked clearly within the brush set). These files are digital brushes that will only work within the Procreate App. To be able to use them you will need an Apple Pencil and the Procreate App installed on an iPad Pro. This will not work without this. – To download and install the files you will need a platform to download the files to (eg iCloud) to be able to unzip the files (eg iZip). Once you have done this the files will then be imported to Procreate within a named folder

13. Essential Brush Set for Procreate

Transform your creative process and elevate your artwork with our cutting-edge Essential Brush Set for Procreate. Crafted by top artists, these premium brushes provide an unparalleled level of control and precision, allowing you to explore endless possibilities in your designs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, this set is perfect for everyone, offering intuitive tools that make creating a breeze. Upgrade your digital art game and see your ideas come to life like never before. Grab your essential brush set now and witness the magic unfold! The very first brush set for use in Procreate, the best painting app on the iPad! These are the essential brushes that I use to create artwork in Procreate. Textured pencil with special blending and tilt shading. Abel Eraser A brush for erasing! Abel Ink My default inking brush, with a light texture. Rough Ink A rough highly textured inking brush that resembles traditional pen ink drawing. Sloppy Ink A chiselled, solid ink brush with special splatter effects that release on pressure. Dry Brush Pen A pocket brush pen that is running out of ink. Except.. digital..! Ink Wash Creates realistic Ink Wash tones! Fill Brush I use this to quickly fill solid colour under linework. Lettering A simple brush for lettering! Abel Splatter Pressure sensitive splatter brush 2 textured airbrushes A high and Low density Noisy Airbrush.

14. Ultimate Gouache Brushes – Procreate

About the Product Create digital art that looks just like real paint with the Ultimate Gouache Brushes for Procreate This high-quality brush set was made using real gouache and paper textures for an authentic, lifelike paint look, minus the mess. For optimal results, the brushes can be used along the pre-textured file included in the pack. Watch the details of your piece come to life simply by turning layers on and off!
The set includes:
  • 7 realistic gouache brushes (clean round, soft round, soft rectangle, wet streaks, streaky, dry, mushy)
  • 1 sketching pencil
  • 2 blending brushes (soft, streaky)
  • BONUS pre-textured file (5000 x 4000 px)

Great for creating beautiful wall art, cards, stickers, children’s book illustrations, and more! These brushes were made with gouache, but you can definitely use them to mimic other types of paint like acrylic and even oil.

15. Skin Studio Procreate Brushes

Transform your digital art into stunning masterpieces with Skin Studio Procreate Brushes! This premium set of brushes is specifically designed for portrait artists and digital painters. Achieve realistic skin textures, flawless contours, and lifelike details effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, these brushes will elevate your artwork to a whole new level. Don’t miss the chance to bring your characters to life with ease and precision. Embrace the power of Skin Studio Procreate Brushes today! This Procreate brush set has everything you need to begin creating digital portraits, without having to reach for any other brush sets. As well as an amazing range of skin textures, freckles, blemishes, wrinkles, eyelash (and even a juicy zit), it also has a sketch pencil, a perfect base layer brush, and a blush and highlighter brush. There are also a couple of textured bonus blenders to avoid that ‘too smooth’ blend you get with other blending brushes Enjoy this carefully crafted pro brush set!

How to Install Blending Brushes in Procreate

Installing blending brushes in Procreate is a simple process. Follow these steps:
  1. Download the blending brush set from a reputable source.
  2. Open Procreate and go to the Brush Library.
  3. Click on the “+” icon and select “Import.”
  4. Choose the downloaded brush set from your files.
  5. The blending brushes will now be available in your Brush Library.

Tips for Getting the Best Results with Blending Brushes

  1. Tip 1: Vary Pressure: Experiment with different pressure levels while using blending brushes to control the intensity of the blend.
  2. Tip 2: Layering: Use multiple layers to blend colors gradually, giving your artwork more depth.
  3. Tip 3: Sample Colors: Sample colors from your artwork to ensure a seamless blend that matches the existing color palette.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. FAQ 1: Can I create my own blending brushes in Procreate?
    • Yes, Procreate allows artists to create custom brushes, including blending brushes, to suit their unique needs.
  2. FAQ 2: Are blending brushes compatible with all iPad models?
    • Blending brushes work with most recent iPad models that support the Procreate app.
  3. FAQ 3: Can I adjust the blending effect in Procreate?
    • Absolutely! Procreate provides settings to adjust the opacity and flow of blending brushes.
  4. FAQ 4: Are there blending brushes specifically for creating certain textures?
    • Yes, many blending brushes are designed for creating specific textures like fur, clouds, or water.
  5. FAQ 5: Can blending brushes be used for photo editing?
    • While blending brushes are primarily used for digital art, they can also be used for subtle photo retouching.


In conclusion, blending brushes are indispensable tools for any digital artist using Procreate. They offer enhanced realism, save time, and enable artists to create stunning digital artwork with seamless color blends and soft edges. By experimenting with different blending brushes and techniques, artists can elevate their creative output to new heights.
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