Find Your Perfect Brush: Top Calligraphy Brushes for Photoshop

Find Your Perfect Brush: Top Calligraphy Brushes for Photoshop

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and artistry to your digital designs, calligraphy brushes for Photoshop are an indispensable tool. Whether you’re working on invitations, logos, or decorative elements, the right calligraphy brush can transform your artwork into a masterpiece. In this article, we will introduce you to the top calligraphy brushes for Photoshop, helping you find the perfect brush for your creative needs.


Calligraphy has long been revered for its graceful and expressive strokes, making it a timeless art form. With calligraphy brushes for Adobe Photoshop, artists and designers can effortlessly incorporate this charm into their digital creations. Let’s explore why choosing the right calligraphy brush can elevate your artwork to new heights.

 Why Choose Calligraphy Brushes for Photoshop?

Calligraphy brushes in Photoshop offer a myriad of advantages for digital artists:

  • Elegance and Sophistication: Calligraphy brushes exude elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to any design.
  • Customization: With various calligraphy brush styles, you can customize your lettering and decorative elements to suit your project’s unique requirements.
  • Time-Saving: Using calligraphy brushes in Photoshop saves time compared to traditional calligraphy techniques, allowing for quicker iterations and adjustments.
  • Versatility: Calligraphy brushes are versatile, suitable for a wide range of projects, from formal invitations to modern logo designs.

 Top Calligraphy Brushes for Photoshop

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top calligraphy brushes that are sure to inspire your creativity:

1. Text Collage Photoshop Brushes

text collage photoshop brushes

Get These Brushes

This is a set of 30 different text collage Photoshop brushes. Brushes are in Photoshop .abr format and range in size from 5000 pixels to 3302 pixles.

The brushes will only work in Photoshop but transparent PNG files are also included with your download.

Use these brushes to create unique backgrounds, texture overlays, abstract artwork and more!

Please see the previews for all of the brushes included in this set as well as images of these brushes in use as abstract art backgrounds

2. 3000 Photoshop Stamp Brushes Bundle

photoshop stamp brushes bundle ( ) brushespack

Get These Brushes

Inside – the most popular artistic brushes and effect brushes for photoshop ( .abr files are also can be opened in Procreate app) Only helpful instruments and designs, a wide range of variety. These brushes will be your time-saver for every project. Just upload these brushes into your photoshop and enjoy! Add realistic and abstract effects into your photo, design, artwork, or use these brushes as a decorative element for Instagram and social media images, etc.

UPDATED 23 Dec 2020!

  • +90 Gouache Texture Brushes
  • +90 Palette Knife Texture Brushes
  • +60 Old Paper Texture Brushes
  • +60 Technology Brushes
  • +60 Decalcomania Texture Brushes
  • +30 Crumpled Plastic Texture Brushes
  • +30 Clay Paint Photoshop Stamp Brushes

    Also inside the pack:

  • 534 Paper Photoshop Brushes (~2500 pixels, Cardboards, VIntage and Clean Paper, Collages)
  • 975 Various Effects Photoshop Brushes (~2500 pixels, Particles, Dust, Splashes, Flour, Foil, Cracks, Glass, Sand, Claw, Powder, Destruction, Sparkler, Stars, etc. )
  • 686 Artistic Photoshop Brushes (~2500 pixels, Canvas, Chalk, Crayon, Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor, Charcoal, Decalcomania, Paint, Marble)
  • 285 Underline Photoshop Brushes (~2500 pixels, Underline, Dividers, Calligraphy)
  • 120 Textile Photoshop Brushes (~2500 pixels, Textile, Tartan, Cloth, Fabric)
  • 105 Halftone Photoshop Brushes (~2500 pixels, Halftone Shapes, and Gradients)


  • You will receive 78 .ABR files
  • Brushes work with any old and new Photoshop
  • All brushes are around 2500 pixels
  • 1-2 click effects


  • Duplicate layers to make effects more intensive!
  • Combine effects together!
  • Use Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp mask to make the effect more sharpen
  • Use Filter – Blur – (Blur of your choice) to add more motion & blur effects

3. Bubbles Photoshop Brushes

bubbles photoshop brushes

Get These Brushes

12 high quality Dynamic water Bubbles brushes + 6 Pattern , Look at the examples in the video you can Paint with Bubbles and change your Bubbles colors to get a colorful pack right away! Create professional visual effects for your art, illustrations or other projects in seconds!

Included file formats:

  • 2 ABR File for Photoshop CS2 & CC+ ( 12 high quality Dynamic Bubble brushes set ).
  • Pat .file (6 high quality Patterns).
  • PDF File How To Import brushes into (Photoshop , Gimp , Procreate , affinity photo)
  • PDF File How To Import Pattern into Photoshop
  • PDF Brushes Preview

4. 30 Hand Drawn Arrows Photoshop Brushes

30 hand drawn arrows photoshop brushes

Get These Brushes

30 Hand Drawn Arrows Photoshop Brushes

30 Brushes included
Small file size
ABR format
Application Supported
Adobe Photoshop
File Type
30 Hand Drawn Arrows Photoshop Brushes

30 Brushes included
Small file size
ABR format

5. 50 Calligraphy Photoshop Stamp Brushes

50 calligraphy photoshop stamp brushes


Get These Brushes


* 50 Photoshop stamp brushes inside, ~2500 pixels size (.ABR)
* 50 Isolated .PNG images

These brushes are high-resolution images and could be a great addition to any project. Use can use them as clipart, as decorative elements, for print, web, posters, cards, etc.!

6. 20 Speech Bubbles Photoshop Brushes

20 speech bubbles photoshop brushes


Get These Brushes

Application Supported: Adobe Photoshop
File Type: ABR
20 Speech Bubbles Photoshop Brushes

20 brushes included
Small File size
ABR format

7. 45 Calligraphy Photoshop Stamp Brushes

calligraphy photoshop stamp brushes brushespack

Get These Brushes

45 Brushes inside, 2500 pixels size, works with any photoshop version!
This brush textures are high resolution and could be a great addition to any project. You can use them as decorative elements for photos, print templates, social media

8. Logo Creation Kit – Calligraphy

logo creation kit calligraphy brushes pack 98693

Get These Brushes

This kit includes 40+ basic elements, 40+ frames, 10 premade decorative elements, 13 premade frames and 6 awesome premade crest like logos.

Create thousands of stunning high quality logos either you are a Illustrator or Photoshop user. All of the elements and logos are included in AI, PSD and EPS fully editable files. But it’s not just a logo creation kit, with this one you can let your imagination go wild and create much more!

Everything that is included is easy to modify, edit, re-size without the loss of quality or resolution. 100% vectors available in PSD, AI and EPS formats, all 100% editable. Fully editable text. Font links are included in the download.

Just to make things better we also included the elements as paths in Illustrator so you can choose the outline weight you wish or brush!

So either you are a Photoshop user or a Illustrator one, you can easily create and edit everything that is included! Just remember to have fun with this set!


  • 80+ vector elements
  • 6 Premade logos
  • 20+ Premade decorations & frames
  • Illustrator AI and PSD Photoshop files included
  • EPS Files included
  • SVG Files included
  • Editable paths in illustrator included
  • 20+ Frames & decorations included
  • Free or free for personal use fonts
  • Font links included

Important notes:

  • We also left the elements in Illustrator & EPS files as paths so you can choose the outline weight that you want! Or use brushes or width profiles!
  • The fonts are not included as we do not own them but we included download links for all of them. All of the fonts used are free or free for personal use.

We offer great support! So for any questions you might have or issues with opening or downloading the item please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will do our best to reply as fast as possible and help as best as we can!

9. Inktober 2019 Photoshop Brushes


Get These Brushes

Happy to present to you my collection of ink photoshop brushes, prepared specially for Inktober 2019 event!
Huge variety of different ink brushes inside, for line art, calligraphy, painting. They imitate a lot of painting styles, from pen drawing – to more like Chinese art. Also, some special effects are included – spray, wet edge, grunge. You will find a few brushes that you will like for sure!

44 Different pressure-sensitive brushes
15 Bonus textures (3000×3000 px, 300 dpi) to make your work look more realistic
All Photoshop versions are supported!

10. 100+ Ink Brush Stroke Elements


  • Product Specs100 ink brush stroke elements graphics 20852341 1 1 580x386 brushes pack 77847


Get These Brushes

  • Compatible with: Photoshop
  • File Size:101 MB

Ink strokes are the strokes we often encounter in Chinese calligraphy. Usually is the black ink stroke above the white canvas. Besides calligraphy, ink stroke scratches can be used to complement the graphic design such as vintage and casual styles. Please use this element to create poster design, print, text, effect, texture, etc.

Files Included:

– 113 PNG
– 7 EPS
– 113 Brush.

 How to Install Calligraphy Brushes in Photoshop

Installing calligraphy brushes in Photoshop is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Brushes: Get the calligraphy brush set in a compatible format, typically .ABR.
  2. Open Photoshop: Launch Adobe Photoshop on your computer.
  3. Select the Brush Tool: From the left toolbar, choose the “Brush Tool” (shortcut key: B).
  4. Open Brush Preset Picker: Click on the brush preset picker located on the top toolbar.
  5. Load Brushes: In the brush preset picker, click on the settings icon and choose “Load Brushes.”
  6. Locate the Brush File: Navigate to the downloaded calligraphy brush set file and select it.
  7. Start Creating: Your calligraphy brushes are now ready to use! Select a brush from the brush preset picker and begin crafting your masterpiece.

 Tips for Using Calligraphy Brushes Effectively

To make the most of your calligraphy brushes and create stunning artwork, consider these tips:

  • Practice and Experiment: Familiarize yourself with the brush strokes and practice different lettering styles to find your unique calligraphy voice.
  • Pair with Other Brushes: Combine calligraphy brushes with other Photoshop brushes to create multifaceted designs.
  • Adjust Brush Settings: Experiment with brush size, opacity, and flow to achieve various effects and textures.
  • Use Pen Pressure Sensitivity: If available, use a pressure-sensitive pen tablet to add natural variation to your strokes.


Calligraphy brushes for Photoshop open up a world of creativity and elegance for digital artists and designers. The versatility of calligraphy brushes allows you to explore various styles and create captivating designs for any occasion. Embrace the timeless allure of calligraphy and elevate your digital artwork with the perfect calligraphy brush.

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